Center of the Umaverse
Retreat to North Hokianga Harbour,  where your B & B in Umawera Awaits!

This page is to give you an idea of our Processes

We like to keep the place neat and tidy and clean too!

Each time guests leave we clean the Whare/Eco Pod. This involves changing the bed linen, vacuuming and dusting. And replacing the towels with fresh ones. If guests are staying longer than a week we will change the bedding weekly.

If the Whare Kai /Kitchen has been used we clean that too. Cleaning all surfaces and floor and washing tea towels.

In the Whare Paku /Bathroom the shower is cleaned and shower curtain and mats washed and replaced. The used towels are washed and replaced. Both sinks are cleaned and the rubbish bin emptied. The composting toilet is cleaned and supplies of sawdust, lime and toilet paper replenished. The compost is emptied when it gets full. All floors are mopped and clean.

Windows are cleaned regularly when required. Each Whare is water-blasted once a year.

We hope you find everything to your liking, please let us know if there is anything amiss and we will endeavour to fix it.